Financial advice

The recognized financial advisors of Teerling & Partners, Guus Teerling and Gertjan Sijken, with whom Alfred Makelaars & Adviseurs has been working together for more than 10 years to their satisfaction, are also located at 233 Rijksstraatweg in Haren, which guarantees short communication lines and service for you.

Teerling & Partners financial advisors love creativity and smart combinations – finding out what the best options are for you in the short and longer-term. They provide thorough customization with which you can do something; with the service that used to be so common. Of course, they provide good conditions and extremely competitive rates.

You can contact us directly via or telephone number 050-5012413. For more information, please visit

Marketing support

As Alfred makelaars & adviseurs, we do everything we can to achieve an optimal price for you. And that goes further, much further than just a sign in the garden. We take care of everything for you. The sale of the home, the storage of the household effects, the styling of your home, the search for a temporary or new home, the mortgage: we take care of all aspects involved in the sale.

House match

As a special tool, Alfred Makelaars & Adviseurs uses, among other things, the ‘house match’, a unique method with which two providers of a house are linked to each other. And it is not inconceivable that what one person is looking for is exactly what the other offers. This sometimes creates entire carousels, with the result that homes in the middle and upper segment are viewed and sold more often! This gives the housing market a new push, purely and simply because a new creative impulse is unleashed on it.

Financial customization

Teerling & Partners is housed in the same office as the brokerage, which makes communication lines short in all respects. The financial advisors know how to excellently combine professional knowledge and creativity to calculate the best options for you in the short and longer-term.

Presentation / Construction supervision

BCM Design, that also has offices in our building at Rijksstraatweg 233 in Haren, is a consultancy for the optimal presentation of your home by providing insight into the possibilities of your home by using visualizations, presenting the home in powerful brochures or photo books and can save you a lot of time, money and stress by offering construction and renovation supervision.

Sales Optimization

To position houses in a targeted manner, they must meet the wishes (possibilities) of the potential buyer. Alfred Makelaars & Adviseurs works closely with renowned parties to style, visualize and advise on (re)construction houses. Below are some visualization examples (before and after).